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Creating the narrative for a proud campus community

Stanislaus State wanted to develop messaging that clearly showed the world what they stand for — and articulate a brand promise that both true and resonant for students, prospective students, alumni, faculty, and staff. In partnership with Stamats, we interviewed over 120 members of the community in small group settings. We leveraged Stamats quantitative and competitive research and married that with deep insights from our qualitative findings to create a brand architecture. One that had the support of the entire community and left them feeling inspired, proud, and ready to support that brand promise across every touchpoint. Our work with Stan State has made Agency14 a trusted resource for the team at the university, and we continue to help them as they get ready for the new brand launch in the coming year.



Turning a brand into a way of doing business

International Education Corporation had an aging career college brand that’s meant to appeal to a younger audience. Their three sub-brands all offer short-term career training and placement assistance to an underserved market. We talked to hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders to understand the intersection of what we had to offer and what a student needed.

In the course of creating a new brand architecture, Agency14 and the client had a shared epiphany: what we said was important, but how we lived that brand promise and message would be what helped us stand out.

Using a unique co-creation approach, we developed best practices from first touch through graduation, and created a workshop that we delivered across the country to leaders from every campus. From role play to interactive quizzes, we facilitated a deep understanding of what IEC stood for and how we could deliver that on a daily basis. This all became an internal program we call "The Daily Brand". It includes behaviors, processes, language, and physical plant installations that support and deliver on the IEC brand every day. The results? Lower attrition, lower marketing costs, and higher student satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.



Creating a student-first world campus

San Diego State University has a new campus...the World Campus. This campus provides access to an exceptional education for local, U.S., and international students. In the past SDSU marketed programs that appeared to be in parity with competitors, but we gathered insights that revealed a much more compelling story. SDSU faculty emerged as the hero in that story, inspiring and engaging students both on campus and online.

Agency14 conducted and leveraged qualitative and quantitative research to create a brand narrative for SDSU World Campus, including a new brand architecture, personas, and a guide to applying all of this to their new website (launching later in 2020). With this a new "student-first" messaging architecture, SDSU World Campus is getting ready to expand their offerings and ensure that the student is at the center of every message and every decision.



Using the power of a single message to solidify a brand

Avery has long been known as the makers of labels — but in the last decade, has become much more. Avery now offers everything from customizable party décor and gift tags to small business marketing tools and a whole line of organizing accessories from Martha Stewart. They needed a single message that could clearly state what Avery is today and who it’s for — a much broader audience than just business professionals.

Agency14 created a new brand positioning, and an end-to-end strategic and tactical plan to bring it to life across all paid, earned and owned channels. Working in conjunction with a digital and media partner, those insight-driven tactics were brought to life in everything from social content and promotions to paid advertising both on and offline.



Changing perceptions about a “credit card company”

Capital One Commercial Bank is a solid player in commercial banking, but was strugging with how to position themselves across 60+ verticals…all populated by potential clients who knew them best as a credit card company. Agency14 was brought in by Capital One’s digital agency to provide strategic leadership and determine how best to change this perception.

After digging deep into insights, past plans, umbrella brand positioning and their current competitive landscape, we came up with a three-year plan to position them as a credible, compelling partner for their core target. That included a more focused, commercial bank positioning that drove strategies and tactics across every channel — from 1:1 to national advertising and unique events. In the plan, we laid out a clear path for the next two years, designed to distinguish them from others and take full advantage of the Capital One umbrella brand: the brand that puts the client first.



Using digital to identify segments in real-time

Genworth Financial Wealth Management had a whole host of potential targets in one large bucket – all with different triggers for engagement and interest in the Genworth platform. To allow Genworth to segment those users, we created a dynamic lead generation campaign that started offline and lead to a personalized website that would — behind the scenes — reveal the key interests and needs of each visitor.

As invited visitors built their new engine, their clicks told us not only which of the segments they fell into…but gave us additional talking points for sales reps when they followed up with phone or live appointments. Using a dimensional, blind invitation, we drove a 35% response rate. Our integrated follow up communications also ensure this wasn’t just about clicks, but about real sales meetings that created new business for Genworth. That’s the power Genworth was looking for, and it’s driven them to successfully use the same campaign multiple times.

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